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Statistics show that on an average, any  multi tasker’s  efficiency, especially those who perform administrative and supervisory duties,  ranges between 50 – 60% only. It is found that most of it is due to poor planning and organizing of their work and poor prioritizing. Many often complain that they do not have enough time. Work delegated falls through the crack, causing more delays and inefficiency at work. Tasks given are forgotten, instead of reminding the bosses, they need to be reminded and this frustrates their bosses!


The ProPak Simulation is a SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL which enables you to:

1) calculate your efficiency, yes literally!

2) stop searching for your notes… no more “where did I record that?”

 3) increase your efficiency by 30%



There are none in the market which are as Simple,  Effective and Practical.

Call us now @ 03-80236369  to purchase or for a 2 hour Propak Simulation Workshop


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QPAC Business Consultant 586641-X

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