The 5 Levers of Successful Selling S-R-I-M-S

The 5 Levers of Successful Selling


There’s no such thing as a born Salesperson. Great salesperson make it look easy, but superior performance usually indicates that a salesperson has taken the time to hone the skills and is constantly iterating to better help the prospects.
Whether you’re a first-time rep or looking to get back to the basics, these 5 tips are the essential pillars of SUCCESSFUL SELLING

1. Start With Your Goal
– If you’re learning to sell, start from the end and work backwards.

2. Recognize that Sales is a Process
– Sales is not an art. Sales is science and technology

3. Identify Business Pain.
– You must be able to identify your PROSPECTS’ business pains, and you need to build trust with your prospects

4. Measure Every Step.
Anything worth doing is worth measuring, and anything that can be measured can be improved.
FOLLOW UP , be fanatical about measuring your performance against them

5. Sell to People Who Want to Buy
The principle is at the heart of the inbound sales methodology
Remember the method of Funnel