Working in teams is a characteristic of high performing companies. Statistics have proven that staff explore and get to know each other better in events and circumstances not related to work. Once this “subtle” ice is broken, the employees will understand the “non-work side” of their colleagues and this is what actually creates the bond. Having turned colleagues into friends, their tolerance, sense of urgency, understanding and sense of helping each other, is naturally greater towards their “newly found friends”. 

Taking advantage of this fact, QPAC facilitates both indoor and outdoor Teambuilding programmes. The extent of fun and work would be designed according to the requirement of the management and what the company hopes to achieve will be embedded and emphasized throughout  the program.

How about giving the year 2017 a great start  with a Teambuilding? We could embed your goals and plans in it, so as to align everyone towards the organization’s strategy. We’ll customize it for you.

We have Basic, Standard and Premium packages to suit your budget, so call us now @ 03-80236369.