This TNA is fully subsidized by HRDF . It is exclusively for SMEs which are registered with HRDF, and their levy WILL NOT be deductedJ.  QPAC is  an HRDF  panel consultant for this SME TNA.  The Training Plan derived  is based on detailed data collection and analysis.

The report will cover  organizational analysis, departmental analysis, individual Analysis , leadership analysis, training and non training findings and finally Training Plans . The training plan  will  encompass internal and   external training, soft skills and technical skills and recommendations.

This TNA’s purpose is to ensure

  • SMEs conduct training with a purpose and not haphazardly
  • all training are geared towards improving organizational plans and goals.
  • training bridges gaps in performance
  • everybody’s input is solicited and not just consultant’s or HR”s

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my levy be deducted?

       NOT AT ALL! It’s fully subsidised.     

  1. Why should I go for this TNA?
  2. It is worth at least RM 30, 000.
  3. It will be a comprehensive analysis of your company (not just a questionnaire),

           detailing the following:

  1.   Training Plan covering Technical and non Technical
  • Department Analysis
  • Leadership Analysis
  • Individual Tasks Analysis
  1.   SWOT Analysis

      iii.  Recommendations for improvement

  1.   You will be entitled for TWO(2)  day FREE TNA training by HRDF for one person in your company
  2.    You will also be entitled forTWO (2) Day  FREE hand holding (practical) for two persons in your company, so that in future, you will be able to do it yourself.


  1. What is my commitment?

Before approval : HRDF  will visit your company and interview Top Management

After approval :    QPAC will work with your HR to schedule  interviews for all employees

Complete Report : Top Management to review the Training plan  (we will present)

The rest will be done by us.


  1. Do I have to start immediately once approved?

No. You have to start within 60 days from date of approval, on a first come first serve basis

(QPAC has a queue of clients awaiting TNA)


  1. How long to complete the TNA?

Normally within a maximum of three months.


  1. Must I do all the training recommended?

No, we will present to you and the Training Plan is subjected to your prioritization.


  1. Must I conduct all training with QPAC?

No, a maximum of 30%  only, if you wish.


  1. What are the steps involved?
  2. Fill up the enclosed form and email back to [email protected]
  3. We will follow up with HRDF for screening
  4. If fulfil criteria, HRDF will pay visit and interview top Management
  5. Once approved, HRDF will issue letter to QPAC to start
  6. QPAC will liaise from there on.


Do not wait any longer. Contact Mr Zaidi now at 03.80236369  or me at 0123455073 for more information.