This TNA is fully subsidized by HRDF . It is exclusively for SMEs which are registered with HRDF, and their levy WILL NOT be deductedJ.  QPAC is  an HRDF  panel consultant for this SME TNA.  The Training Plan derived  is based on detailed data collection and analysis.

The report will cover  organizational analysis, departmental analysis, individual Analysis , leadership analysis, training and non training findings and finally Training Plans . The training plan  will  encompass internal and   external training, soft skills and technical skills and recommendations.

This TNA’s purpose is to ensure

  • SMEs conduct training with a purpose and not haphazardly
  • all training are geared towards improving organizational plans and goals.
  • training bridges gaps in performance
  • everybody’s input is solicited and not just consultant’s or HR”s

You are eligible for this if your organization …

a) Fulfills SME criteria

b) Is a contributor to HRDF fund( has a minimum of RM 15K in your fund But your levy will not be deducted and  you pay ZERO cents for it)

QPAC ensures that the TNA is completed within 3 months. Its absolutely free so,  call us now  @ 03-80236369.