QPAC was initially known as Q~Performance Consultant since founded in 2002 by Maria Rufina, who is the CEO and Principal Consultant. Competent workforce is every organization’s competitive advantage and QPAC is dedicated to provide your organization with this critical edge.

QPAC provides customized Training in the area of Core & Functional competencies for the various categories of people in your organization. Another area of our specialization is consultancy services in Organizational Development such as Employee or Customer satisfaction survey and HR Services.

QPAC is very much driven by the Competency Model – thus at all times we focus on its 3 ingredients – Knowledge, Attitude & Skills. For training, we adopt adult learning principles designed to actively involve the learner and produce results back in the workplace. This is what makes our training impactful. For consultancy, we adopt a participative approach which requires the buy in and involvement of the various parties in an organization.



Be the preferred management consultant

Ensure customers value for money

Practice whatever preached

Be a well respected employer

Further expand our field of expertise

Cater for both local and international market